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Photo Journeys Across Russia's Eleven Time Zones 1992-1998


Moscow to Russian Far East
Sasha and Tsaritsino. Roll mouse over photo to travel
across 11 time zones to the Russian Far East.


  Nizhny Novgorod is a large city east of Moscow, situated at the confluence of the Oka and Volga Rivers. It has a very progressive atmosphere.
HOME   It was built in 1776 when work was started on the Gothic style, and was intended for Empress Catherine the Great.
ABOUT SASHA   In 1797 construction work stopped after the death of Catherine. The Empress never lived in the buildings.
MOSCOW   The grounds and buildings afford a beautiful green backdrop for picnics, plays, events such as folk festivals.
VALAAM   In mid-1800's, the buildings were close to being demolished, but gratefully, they were saved at the end of WWII.
KIZHI   Tsaritsino is a nature preserve, with beautiful lakes and streams. Boats are often seen on the Russian waterways.
GOLDEN RING   Bazhenov was the renowned Russian architect who worked on the estate and who fell into disfavor with Catherine.


  Catherine was dismayed at Bazhenov for the use of Masonic symbols on the buildings. There were also several other architects involved.
VOLGA RIVER   Catherine had many palaces and grounds around Russia, the most famous was the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.
AMUR RIVER   The Hermitage now houses one of the world's greatest collections of art, much of it being obtained during the reign of Catherine.
ZEYA   One of the most recognizable symbols of Russia is the Nesting Doll. Click Matrioshka Doll for more photos of these dolls.


Photos, text, graphics
©Judith Gosnell


Click button to play or stop Balalaika Music- Evening Bells (Vecherniy Zvon): with permission from the artist Barynya.

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